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City Walk by Societat Doctor Alonso and Moare Danza

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The city and its tremor

Can we observe without a specific viewpoint?
Can we look at a city afresh?
Can we have new experiences in familiar surroundings?

The main thoroughfare linking Karlův most and Staroměstské náměstí folds the surrounding urban network in on itself, offering a haven to the characters and social concerns that the main road has no room for.

We propose “Nature and its Tremor” a travelling intervention through Prague that draws out one of the folds in its urban network.

We find the meaning of the City’s Hidden Folds we draw with this intervention in the fact that it hosts a series of cultural activities that breathe and live outside the heartbeat of the main thoroughfare.


Nature and its tremor

As the group of artists gathered for this production, Sofia Asencio and Tomàs Aragay, directors of the Doctor Alonso Society, Idoia Zabaleta, directress of Moare Danza and AZALA, and Chus Domínguez, documentalist, we aim to question and explore the ways in which visibility and representation are reproduced and multiplied, and how information and experiences are consumed today. These are dark and murky ways that deny the chance to imagine the life behind them.

After a year of joint research on the tools and viewpoints of our respective works, we decided to focus together on the public space and on the border that defines and separates fiction from reality. This work is one of the possible results arising from the joint trip of research and exchange between these four artists.

Nature and its Tremor is a mechanism for site-specific actions, a gently paced promenade performance-stroll through reality using the tools of the theatre, the body, thought and film. It aims to reveal another reality and spark spectators’ awareness of other possible forms of perception so that they can begin to look, decode and understand things in another way, inviting them to explore their own phantasmagoria.



Creators: Tomàs Aragay, Sofia Asencio, Chus Domínguez and Idoia Zabaleta

Directors: Tomàs Aragay and Idoia Zabaleta

Visual space: Chus Domínguez

Original idea for choreography: Sofia Asencio and Idoia Zabaleta

This performance stems from the artistic experience at La Glorieta. We are especially grateful to Esperança López.

A coproduction by: Societat Doctor Alonso, Moare Dansa and Festival GREC

This performance was funded by the Basque Ministry of Culture

In collaboration with: Bulegoa z/b and La Casa Encendida

Societat Doctor Alonso is supported by the Catalan Ministry of Culture, INAEM and the Institut Ramon Llull.


The city and its tremor. © Cristina Viñas