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Invited by:

Quadrienal de Praga


A Creation piece by Adrià Pinar and Jan Mech

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PLATaFORMA is a small scale modular performance space for experimenting with different theatrical situations: perceptions, the relationship between objects, lighting, sounds, performers and the audience.

The existing technological resources have been adapted to this new size and been made to be controlled more like a musical instrument. The performer who controls the PLATaFORMA makes the space vibrate through an expressive use of technology.

Reducing the size of the theatre spaces and changing the way in which they are controlled, far from resulting in the miniature reproduction of the conditions existing in a theatre, has bought the creation of a stage space with unique qualities.

Original idea:
Adrià Pinar Marcó

Conception and technical development:
Adrià Pinar Marcó and Jan Mech

Additional technical support:
Raul Nieves (FABoratory), Pau Seguí (WoodEaters), Jordi Ruiz, Joan Datzira and Josep Carreras.

With the support of Institut del Teatre and Hangar.org.


PLATaFORMA. © Cristina Viñas