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The Institut del Teatre and its Scenography speciality were taking part for the eighth time in the Prague Scenography Quadrennial. Since 1987 it has led the state participation at the Quadrennial on all levels.

The commissioners have been Josep Montanyès, Isidre BravoGuillem Jordi Graells and Ramón B. Ivars.

To all of these, to the work teams they led, we wish to dedicate these first words of thanks. Without this historical successful participation at the Prague Quadrennial, it would have been possible to undertake the new adventure in 2015; from the Institut del Teatre leading Catalonia’s participation at the PQ’15.

Effectively, Prague Quadrennial 2015 is the first edition in which Catalonia is taking part in the Quadrennial independently of the rest of the State.

We firmly started out on a new path with excitement and a good dose of imagination; three fundamental ingredients, but not the only ones. We believe that it is fundamental to have complicities in the country, we have sought them out, we have found them and we want to give them thanks.

Without these complicities, Catalonia’s participation the Prague Quadrennial 2015 led by the Institut del Teatre with the support of Barcelona Provincial Council would not have been what it was.

The Institut Ramon Llull gave us its support. We thank the IRL’s contribution to this Quadrennial in 2015, but beyond this contribution, we thank it for the interest, dialogue and effort it was made.

The human and material resources that the company BAF General de Catalunya gave to this project allowed the technological challenges required by the artistic objectives of the National and Schools stands to be achieved.

Universitat Politècnica de Barcelona (Barcelona Polytechnic University) and it architecture faculty, the ETSAB, worked with us and enabled the participation of the research team of the Theatre at Risk Observatory led by Toni Ramón.

We wish to thank them all. We worked together for the success of the adventure of this eighth Catalan participation, but the first participation in which we represented Catalonia independently of the rest of the State.


Thank you.


PQ’15-Catalonia Team

Institut del Teatre


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