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The artistic conception of the Prague Quadrennial, the PQ’15, started with a look at our most immediate surroundings. We constantly create events in the form of live meetings or gatherings. We use theatrics every day to express our concerns, wills or needs. We have the instinct and need to stage in order to express ourselves.

The PQ’15 aimed to revisit the power of theatre. It intended to explore scenography as shared spaces, spaces that influence the relationship between people, spaces that are being context of an action and determined its meaning, spaces to share ideas, stories and social responsibilities.

As a sign of its faithfulness to this approach, the organisation of the PQ’15 structured its content around three large sections.

The section of COUNTRIES AND REGIONS offered a show and a reflection on the scenographic and theatrical activity there is in each territory.

The section of STUDENTS invited different schools in the area of scenography to visit the work they do, and aimed to give a voice to the young people coming into the area of professional artistic activity.

The section of THEATRICAL SPACES was intended to question everything related to the physical context of performing arts.

The Institut del Teatre aimed to ensure that Catalonia had an active participation in each one of the three sections.

From Catalonia, at the PQ’15 we presented a total of two exhibitions, two talks or round tables and five live performances. The whole event took place in Prague from 18 to 28 June 2015.


Catalonia national day. © Cristina Viñas