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The city as a stimulus

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The city as a stimulus

The spatial, time and social context of all artistic activity determines its meaning.

We lived immersed in a society which swallows everything, bombarded by millions of images and linked to an infinity of networks. We are connected to everything, but disconnected from the here and now.

We only devote thousandths of a second to each thought. Immediacy no longer exists. Immediacy is instantly swallowed. Things are no longer even ephemeral, because things do not even manage to be.

We need ( SPACE ) and ( TIME ) before artistic activity, a specific place and a vital pause to give a space to our emotions.

Art, as everything, is certainly ephemeral, but the here and now has to exist to give a place to PRESENT artistic activity.

The artistic material and material of reflection that we presented in this section of the Quadrennial, was precisely intended to go further into the life of the city and to generate contents from here. We took THE CITY AS A STIMULUS and we accompanied it into the present artistic activity.


The city and its tremor. © Cristina Viñas