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The city as a stimulus

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The city as a stimulus

The activities we presented from Catalonia in the Quadrennial Theatre Spaces aimed to reflect on two aspects related to the subject: how we create spaces in the urban network devoted to artistic activity, and; how artistic activity spontaneously takes over daily spaces to cause us to take a new look at them.

CITY WALKS is an exhibition format proposed by the organisation of the PQ’15 for this Section of Theatre Spaces. The City Walks are live actions that travel through the streets of the city. The aim is that each country or region, through a live performance, should stimulate new views of the city of Prague, thus causing new experiences that lead us to rediscover an ever new Prague.

The City Walk we presented from Catalonia at the PQ’15 was THE CITY AND ITS TREMOR; a site specific travelling action that took over the daily environment to act and to give spectators a new experience of the already known surroundings.

For the THEATRE IN THE CITY’S HIDDEN FOLDS activity, we chose the talk format to go further into the reflection which explores how and where the theatre spaces are located in the urban network of a certain city. From here the social fabric of the environment is changed and reinvented until sometimes it even expels the theatre activity that has produced change. Then it is necessary to seek a new location for art and the cycle starts once more, a cycle that contributes to setting the city’s vital rhythm.


The city and its tremor. © Cristina Viñas