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With more than a hundred years of history, the Institut del Teatre platform is intended to permanently harvest and renew stage arts, and especially the Catalan stage. Working mainly in teaching, creation, research, preservation and the dissemination of heritage, its innovative will is constant.

Considered a benchmark in Spain and abroad in teaching, research and the dissemination of stage arts, the Institut is formed by four schools, two pedagogical companies and the Museum of Stage Arts:

The Institut del Teatre started its participation as the only national representative at the Prague Quadrennial in 1987. Over these 28 years, the Catalan contribution has served to consolidate international links on the artistic and academic levels, and has made it a mechanism of promotion for scenographers and architects, and especially the Higher School of Dramatic Art and its pupils and teaching staff.

In 1991 the Prague Quadrennial recognised the Catalan contribution with five awards:

In the Prague Quadrennial 2015 edition, the Institut del Teatre represented the Catalan national arena. The Quadrennial is a prime space to show the world the singularity of the Institut del Teatre model. The Quadrennial PQ is an excellent opportunity to express the distinctive traits of our culture in the stage arts and to promote the professional quality of the Catalan scenographers to the whole world.

Over these years, the Prague Quadrennial has become an essential milestone for Catalan scenography and the Institut del Teatre represented it with pride.

Jordi Roig i Vinyals
Director and interim general manager of the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona


Folds of silk. © Cristina Viñas